Stickle & Associates specializes in traditional and modern methodologies of candidate recruitment.  In the traditional sense, we still source many of our candidates through our network of contacts and connections, internal database of resumes from the last several years, working the phones and from word of mouth referrals.  We also use modern tools to supplement this process and expand our network.  We recruit at all levels of manufacturing from Process Engineers and Supervisors through Engineering, Operations, Sales, Supply Chain and Maintenance all the way up to Plant Management, Executive and C-Level positions. 

We are in a “People Business”, so we care about both our candidates and our clients and take great pride in conducting business ethically in all areas of the process.   Sourcing Partners at Stickle & Associates are dedicated to providing our clients an excellent, results driven experience.  We have the ability to source candidates for multiple openings quickly, with a high level of accuracy as it relates to specific qualifications and salary parameters.

Staffing and Recruiting Services

Stickle & Associates is a full service executive search firm. We provide staffing and recruiting expertise for heavy industry that includes Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Primary Metals and General Manufacturing. Our company focus is to become our clients’ staffing supplier of choice by providing them top talent in the areas of Engineering, Technical, Operations and Maintenance.interview

All candidates are recruited specific to the needs of our clients. They are prescreened for the client and reference checked when and where the law allows. Candidates are not developed through advertising, but by recruiting, referrals, or through previous relationships. Stickle & Associates has an extensive data base that has been developed over many years. Though not all candidates in the data base are available, they are there to source on an “as needed” basis or will make themselves available for openings that they feel are attractive. Also, Stickle & Associates has developed a small network of other recruiting firms that deal within similar industries or general manufacturing and are utilized on an as needed basis only. This allows a broader base of resources to meet our client’s staffing needs without other recruiters becoming involved with the client, as well providing an additional outlet for candidates that are heavily engaged in a career change by providing additional exposure.

Stickle & Associates is also a member of several top recruiting organizations, which provide additional resources to either identify talent or to provide a broader base of exposure to outside candidates. If you have any questions or are interested in engaging Stickle & Associates in a search or career move, please contact one of our recruiters.

Learn more about our 5-Step Placement Process.

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact Harrison Stickle.